Hot air balloon ride

One year we celebrated Brian's birthday, which is in October, by going on a hot air balloon ride, something Brian has always wanted to do.

I thought I would be scared, because I'm afraid of heights (AND claustrophobic), but it wasn't a bit scary and WAY exceeded my expectations.

We went with Bill and Pat Colyer of A Yankee Balloon, of Fairfield, Conn. Our balloon accompanied Paul Sena's of Worthington Ballooning.

It was an hour-long trip ending at sunset, a magical experience. Totally worth the $250 each.

From a certain distance the treetops look like coral.

You hear the comforting hum of the burner that blows hot air into the balloon while you're floating. Every once in a while Bill would fire up the burners and the flames would make it seem even more like a fireplace.

A few minutes before we landed in Hatfield, we flew close to a house where a bunch of kids were waving at us from the front yard and when we waved back to them, one of them called up to us -- "God bless America." It was so sweet, it felt like we had gone back to another era in a time machine.

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