Thursday, May 28, 2009

One more Texas post

Our chairwoman of the Select Board Stephanie O'Keeffe, my blogging mentor, and I had lunch and talked about -- what else? -- blogging. I snapped this pic with my old camera, which is barely working. My new one is in the shop after it fell on a hard marble floor.
Meanwhile, back in the Lone Star state from which we recently returned...

Ana and I weren't sure we got the joke on these glasses at the Uncommon Objects vintage shop in Austin. One guy says "You twisted my arm!" and the other says, "I just came to borrow some ice." We're thinking the guy who claims his arm was twisted is suggesting he got pulled into having a drink by the other guy having come over his house to borrow some ice. What a cozy neighborhood they live in!

We were puzzled to discover that Gruene Hall, the oldest continually running dance hall in Texas, didn't have draft beer. But I'm beginning to put together that a lot of classic places don't have beer on tap. Maybe that's more of a European/British tradition.

Most any drinking establishment's atmosphere would be enhanced by having a Budweiser lamp like this one at the Broken Spoke in Austin.

Snapped these two vintage cars in an Austin driveway. I knew the one on the left was a Mustang but just learned (I hope correctly) by doing some online research that the one on the right is a Barracuda. I wouldn't mind driving around in either of them.

The day before we were to leave Texas, Brian and I decided to visit San Antonio. I remembered the Alamo on the way. Brian is a great fan of old westerns, so he was interested in seeing it.
We stayed at the Menger, a classic hotel almost directly next door. Teddy Roosevelt recruited his "Rough Riders" in the hotel bar in 1898 and continues to return there in ghost form, along with other hotel ghosts, according to legend. I realized that I love historic hotels while we were there.

The Menger lobby.

Bill Clinton had been there.

View from our room's balcony.

Hotel pool.

Brian kicking back in our room.

A shop in the hotel is dedicated to miniature soldiers. A mini-Alamo is the centerpiece.

Remember the Alamo!


  1. And people do remember, as well they should.

  2. Thanks for the vicarious trip to Texas.
    Brian is house-trained I see, keeping his shod feet off the bed.:)

  3. Yes, I do dishes too, though the cooking part is not my thing (someday again maybe), rollover, play dead, drive,...
    Funny that in all the Alamo and "Texian" (that is how it was spelled then) revolution hype we read there, they did not mention that Texians mainly wanted to secede from Mexico because Mexico was ending slavery already then (it gave Texians a one year extension to get rid of their slaves). Another irony is that Texians then were also mad at Mexico because it was limiting immigration from the U.S....

  4. I love the Menger too. We have stayed there a few times because it has so much "character". You won't find that in any of the many hotels along the Riverwalk in San Antonio.

    Good luck in Thailand! Sounds so exciting!

    Elizasmom's mom

  5. Thanks for reading, Larry, Momma and Eliza's mom'm mom. I am so excited -- ad nervous -- about going to Thailand.

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