Sunday, September 28, 2008

More shenanigans

We had dinner last night at Gohyhang Korean Restaurant, which I am told means Hometown Korean Restaurant, on 111 Russell St./Route 9 in Hadley. I had forgotten about this very nice lunch and dinner place. It's been in Hadley for as far back as at least 1997 judging from all the neatly written messages and graffiti on the walls.
Entrees come with an array of side dishes, such as pickled cucumber, curried (I think ) potatoes, a tangy slaw and kimchi, a fermented cabbage dish that seems comparable to sauerkraut. I ordered the sweet potato noodles (foreground), which the waiter complimented me for picking. I don't know if he says that to everybody.
Yours truly (looking a little sickly, I see). I was with a certain member of my household who does not like to be mentioned or seen at AroundAmherst but who agreed to take this picture. I love the roasted corn tea they serve with every meal that you can also buy at the store attached to the restaurant.
How did I miss this photo a while back (excerpt shown) of Tony Mateus, a blogger who rarely posts pictures of his own mug on his wonderful blog In the Valley and his partner Kelly?

I know nobody asked me to do it, but I've been monitoring the Sarah Palin videos on YouTube. I think these by the LA-based actress and comedian Lisa Donovan are the funniest spoofs. She apparently has made her name as LisaNova posting amusing videos on YouTube.

Ralph Nader appears in this last one that I've posted. While not as funny as the first two it's quite a curiosity, I think.

Hello Kitty image-branding toaster. No, I don't have one, yet.


  1. Oh well, can't put the toothpaste back in the tube..!

    Thanks for the kind plug, Mary.

  2. Sarah Benincasa does a wicked Palin spoof, too:

  3. in case you're interested...

    Top Washington Post Editor at Amherst to Discuss the Presidential Race Oct. 1
    Philip Bennett, managing editor of The Washington Post, will discuss "The Presidential Race: What's the Story?" as well as his paper's coverage of the 2008 campaign on Wednesday, Oct. 1, at 8 p.m. in the Babbott Room of the Octagon. Sponsored by the Victor S. Johnson Lectureship Fund at Amherst, Bennett's talk is free and open to the public.

  4. Thanks for the tip, Pundit! I like Sarah B's Palin spoofs too, Eliza. They're more free form or something, aren't they? They seem more improvised than LisaNova's. I was waiting for you to post a pic, Tony. I'm only glad I noticed after inexplicably missing it.