Monday, October 15, 2007

Low expectations?

Noticed this poster on a truck at UMass today. I'd heard about the anti-binge drinking campaign at a Select Board meeting last year. The Campus and Community Coalition believes that students may be drinking to excess, in part, because they think that's what "everybody's doing." Countering that perception, the coalition thinks, will have a positive effect on student drinking. I think it's a dubious idea -- four drinks is a lot, for one thing, and 1 out of 3 UMass students drink MORE than that? I've heard some students have snagged the posters to hang in their rooms.


  1. Yeah, and all you need do is go to youtube and watch "umass riots" to put a face on some of the other one-third who drain more than four drinks per sitting (or standing)

  2. The rest of the story is the kind of problems 1 in 3 encounter when they make bad decisions while inebriated.

    No mention of breaking the law by drinking under the age of 21, eh? Campus police might consider arresting inebriated under age drinkers and subjecting them to legal proceedings and community service.

    "Just say no" and celibacy pledges don't seem to work for teenagers making choices about premarital sex. I don't suspect it'd be any more effective teaching responsible alcohol consumption to teenagers.

  3. Oh, I'm so glad someone agrees with me on these posters. I agree with you on both counts, and I feel that the poster does exactly the opposiute of what it sets out to do. If I were looking for a party school, this poster would tell me I've found it.