Sunday, October 14, 2007

The blogger and Brian go running

I snap a photo of one of the stones at the sunwheel near Warren McGuirk Stadium, while Brian sees if we can run across the grass back to University Drive. We could not, as there was a swampy drainage ditch between the grass and the road.
I've been to one of the talks at the sunwheel at solstice, but to tell you the truth, I preferred the fence maze which used to be nearby.
Found a photo of it by Arthur Mange, dated 1982.

Maze in winter photo by Stan Sherer.
Last reference I could find to the fence maze was in 2002, when the Daily Collegian reported that two students claimed to have been assaulted nearby. It might have come down soon after that, as it's been gone for several years, much to the disappointment of my nieces.


  1. Well, after all that food and caramel cake and spider cake at the Lord Jeff I would hope you guys would go running (probably not far enough, however)

  2. For several years, my brothers and cousins and I created a tradition of going to play at the maze after Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner. One time, we called back to the house from a payphone and told my mom that we were calling from a payphone at the center of the maze, which was installed there in case anyone got hopelessly lost and needed help or was great fun!

  3. Mary - You've absolutely got to do a story on the maze for your Bulletin column! It does seem to have disappeared sometime around 2002-2003, right after the sexual assaults were reported in the vicinity.

  4. Do I remember correctly that there was a maze there with board walls in the early 80's before it was changed to the chain link fence maze that could be seen through for greater safety?
    Elaine Brighty