Monday, October 29, 2007

I attend the opening ceremony of Russian exchange students' visit to Amherst

Toiny Kurnova (left) and Rita Kalamaeva,students from Petrozavodsk Gymnazia #17.
Turned the heat on today for the first time this season. (I know a lot of stalwarts wouldn't even think about doing that yet.) I wasn't looking forward to going out in the cold again, but I had a fine time attending an opening ceremony marking a month-long visit to Amherst by 14 Russian exchange students.

Russian students.

Amherst Regional High School Russian Club Chorus sings some Russian songs.

Anna Fedotova on right, one of two teachers from Russia on trip.

Katya Gribkova gives Sasha Rivera, president of the ARHS Russian Club, a Russian doll.

Tommy Benfey, on guitar, and Cecilia Darby sing a Russian song.

Yulian Makarov is looking forward to visiting New York City. What does he want to see? "Skyscrapers, of course," he said.

James Abdow, an ARHS 11th grader, was taking photos for the school paper, The Graphic. I asked him if I could take his picture. He said OK, if he could take mine. Very clever.


  1. Did you go to ARHS in your day? I did but left after sophomore year. Still I go to reunions becuase I really like the people.

  2. O'Reilly -- Where did you go after sophomore year? I grew up in Pittsfield and graduated from Pittsfield High School in 1975. My daughter went to Amherst and dropped out after 9th grade to attend Greenfield Community College and then UMass, where she entered at 16 or 17 as a sophomore, because she'd gotten a year's-worth of credits at GCC, which was a fantastic experience for her. My son is a junior at ARHS and loves it.

  3. I went to Deerfield Academy and boarded. I thought it was a punishment at the time but it wasn't. It was a great opportunity that few people get. I was young to be away from home but the college prep aspect helped me prepare for college. Deerfield was all male so I concentrated on school work and sports (and not girl friends!) I was class of '78.

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