Friday, May 4, 2007

Violets for Mary

White violets along my jogging route remind me of making bouquets in baby food jars to put in front of the Virgin Mary in the lobby of Sacred Heart Elementary School, in Pittsfield. Loved the sight of hundreds of little offerings in front of her statue. What an enchanting story she had. Same with Jesus -- especially the part where he says, "My God, My God, why have you forsaken me?" I was not so interested, even then, in the Holy Spirit -- not very solid characterization, or God -- too much the bad cop. Sometimes, when we had a break in the day, I'd say Hail Marys to deliver souls from Purgatory into Heaven. My younger brother Eddie, the troublemaker, questioned the veracity of some of things the priests and nuns were telling us. I never did. The guys I know (including About Amherst's science consultant) still find it more interesting to contemplate whether there is a God or not, an afterlife or not, and the origins of the universe. I'm more interested in the religious icons, accoutrements and DRAMA. (Photo:Won the statue in grade school for good behavior.)

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  1. Actually I don't find those "great questions" interesting anymore; there are no answers but "who knows" and "maybe nothing"...On religious icons -- the crucifix is so odd to those of us who weren't raised deep in religion; I remember thinking when I was a little kid seeing one in someone's house and wondering why on earth they would have such an awful depiction on the wall (and 'I better be good, these people are mean!'); more recently I saw one in a church and realized that there was American culture in a nutshell: it is OK to show someone being tortured to death by being nailed to boards, etc., as long as you cover up the naughty bits (Jesus and the saints in all those images almost always have loincloths on)... and what is the ethics there; when is taking the rap for someone else's crimes a foundation of moral life except maybe in the Sopranos?...Oh never mind...